Progressive Partners with Vertafore to Simplify Policy Downloads

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by Amy O'Connor

Vertafore and Progressive have partnered to help Progressive agents improve efficiency and simplify the way they do business through a new direct download interface.

The service automates the daily process of downloading Progressive policies and is available at no cost to all agents currently using Vertafore’s AMS360 8.0 agency management system.

According to Mark Craig, senior vice president of product management for Vertafore in Seattle, the system is a result of Progressive’s desire to move away from the manual download process to help agents free up staff and devote time to other tasks.

“The high level of analysis we have done since the direct download was launched shows it saves about 30 to 60 minutes per day for an agency,” says Craig.

Before this option, Craig says there was a Progressive tool running on the desktop computer of an agency which was used to download policy information from Progressive and then uploaded to a management system. The direct download through the AMS360 8.0 system eliminates that tool and the time and steps associated with that, says Craig.

“Agencies can now focus on policies, their customers, and pricing business going forward,” he says.

The direct download service is available with all of Progressive’s coverage options as long as the agency is utilizing its AMS360 8.0 agency management systems. Agents using this system can go to Progressive’s website and sign-up for the direct download service and install it on their operating device.

This new offering follows Vertafore’s other partnership with DocuSign in March that offers e-signature services to Vertafore’s insurance clients.

Through the DocuSign partnership, small agencies to large carriers to individual agents can subscribe to the DocuSign service and have it bundled with an existing Vertafore personal or commercial lines technology product. The e-signature service is available to insurance clients on applications, renewals, and claims documents – to name a few – and obtains verified signatures on all required fields.

Theo Beack, senior vice president of Engineering and Operations for Vertafore, said the industry is looking for technology options that improve the efficiency and provide a better experience for customers.

“Anything we can do to streamline the process is very well received within agencies of all sizes,” he says.


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