How Intermediaries Can Help Agents Create Long-Term Success

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by Amy O'Connor

Andrew Burger, managing member, founder and CEO of the new Alliance Intermediaries in Hartford Conn., says agents need to be thinking long term to be successful in the current market. Burger has been working as a specialty reinsurance, program and binding authority intermediary since the 1980’s and has started his own company to help wholesale brokers obtain binding authorities.

“Not every carrier can do everything for everybody,” said Burger. “[It helps] to have someone to help you level the playing field. Your hired gun, your contractor that will take the time to go into the marketplace to make the overtures, to help you with your program proposal, to fine tune things, and to get an understanding of what your needs are.”

As major insurance players look for niche or unique products, they may expand into unfamiliar market segments. Agents who are specialists can find opportunities with these players.

“There’s a lot of pressure to grow, to expand and establish a market niche, establish a positive growth segment so [insurers] can satisfy the desires of their investors and executive management,” said Burger.

In this podcast, Burger talks about how an intermediary like himself can help agents and brokers navigate through the challenging marketplace and how to form mutually satisfying relationships with insurance markets.

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