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Products liability for primary and excess liability - broad capabilities including ability to include Auto and Workers Comp, Contact Amanda Oliva at aoliva@psgins.com or 20...

Life Sciences & Nutraceuticals

This is an emerging industry and we have the markets and the expertise to place: Dietary supplements, energy drinks, vitamins, cosmeceutical & herbal products, pet foo...

Product Recall Insurance

Recalls for Food, Products, Consumer Goods, Medical/Pharmaceutical Devices can close down a business and lose your clients. Assessing your client’s risk is risky. Our...
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Pharmaceutical and Nutraceuticals

offered by Swett & Crawford
Several A rated primary and excess carriers for the life science field.  Pharmaceuticals, clinical trials foreign and domestic. Clinical Research Organizations, Site Manage...

Vitamin/Health Food Suppliers

• Nutraceuticals • Dietary Supplements • Herbal Products • Cosmetic Distributors • Energy Drinks & Bars • Medical Products • Pharmaceuticals • Invasive and non-inva...

Clinical Research Organizations

offered by Swett & Crawford
Offers Professional - both E&O and med mal if needed for an SMO as well as GL. for CRO and SMO account related to doing work for Pharmaceutical sponsors.

Commercial Excess Liability

offered by LifeScienceRisk
Straight excess commercial liability for Generic Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and Nutritional Supplements. ISO based claims made forms available with multi-year ERP's.

Product Liability

Product liability is available for hard to place product driven accounts such as pharmaceutical mfg., vitamin and supplements, manufactured goods, machinery mfg. or importi...

Primary CGL including Products

offered by LifeScienceRisk
Primary CGL or mono-line Products Liability for Generic Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices or Nutritional Supplements. ISO based claims made forms excess of deductibles or SI...

Healthcare Facilities

• Clinical Trials • Contract research organizations • Individual risks sponsoring their own trials • Medical institutions doing research of their own and on behalf of oth...

Life Sciences

offered by CoverXSpecialty
"Life Sciences" can mean different things to different carriers. At CoverXSpecialty, we group the following classes of business into our "Life Sciences" practice. Targe...

Products Liability Life Science Industry

Medical device and pharmaceutical product liability. We do not write Nutraceuticals, E & O, professional liability, or computer associated medical products. We do write wor...

Courier/Messenger Service

Couriers primarily engaged in the pick up and delivery of individually addressed letters, parcels & packages over 50% office supplies, pharmaceuticals, bank records (no mon...

Hard to Place Products Accounts

Product Recall, Discontinued Operations, Domestic & Foreign, Reverse Flow, Sporting Gear/Helmets, Auto Parts, Chemicals, Toys, Food, Pharmaceutical, Medical. USG works with...

Life Sciences CGL Market

offered by Hull & Company
Hull & Co has A- 8 Non Admitted market for the following... Below are some recently written accounts our Markets - Life Sciences unit: Type of Risk: Herbal Raw Mat...