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Work Comp-Staffing Companies

offered by RWISI
Avoid the assigned risk pools. Place your high risk, high mods, light and heavy industrial and construction clients.

Pay As You Go Workers' Compensation

offered by MIG
QuoteMyWC is a broker to the most leading edge providers of work comp in your area. Working with agents or insureds directly to find solutions. High mods, Tough Class Codes...

Workers Compensation

Berkshire Hathaway, Chartis, Chartis Global Energy & Marine. High hazard / High Ex-Mod Risks. Trucking, Energy, Energy Related Industries, Assisted Living, Home Healthcare,...

USL&H - Marine Workers Comp

Appetite: • Clean Mod or High X-Mod • No Prior or Lapse Also Welcome Features: • Several Carriers to Choose From • Aggressive Pricing • Bro...

Workers' Comp

offered by LowRateWorkComp
LowRateWorkcomp Workers' Comp / Payroll / Employee Leasing 1 or More employees $400.00/wk minimum payroll Pay as you go. We can bundle your insurance needs Workers' Comp, G...

Workers' Compensation Asian Restaurants

Great low rates on Workers' Comp for Asian Restaurants. Exclusive California Program. Call for details!

Alternative Workers Comp - PEO

Alternative Workers Comp Target Market • Accounts that wish to get out of a State Work Comp fund, a state "assign risk pool" or "insurer of last resort" • Accou...

Workers' Comp / Payroll Services

offered by LowRateWorkComp
Construction or non construction class codes $20800.00 minimum payroll 1 or more employees A-Rated carrier across the USA.

Workers Compensation

Ink Underwriting provides independent insurance agents with workers compensation solutions for employers and businesses throught the nation. By partnering with several of t...

Workers' Comp Small and Large Business

offered by ICW Group
ICW Group is a full-service group of insurance companies offering Workers' Compensation. We have a broad underwriting appetite for Workers' Comp, and risk selection is base...

Workers` Comp

offered by LowRateWorkComp
Workers' Comp / Payroll Service thru a PEO www.LowRateWorkComp.com

Workers Compensation Program

• Guaranteed Cost Programs • Eligible premiums between $1,000 to $250,000 • No maximum experience mods • New ventures acceptable • Competitive ...

"Pay As You Go" Workers Compensation

Pay as you go workers' compensation. No down payment. Direct billed on a monthly basis. Contractors, staffing, new companies are accepted.

Hard to Place Workers Compensation

Sampling of Classes: (Many More Available) • Asbestos Abatement • Bridge Painting • Chemical Mixing and Manufacturing • Crane Operations • Dem...

California Workers' Comp

offered by LowRateWorkComp
Here are some basic program details: This is pay-as-you-go, meaning that we will collect the workers' comp premium and payroll taxes with each payroll. We must do the payro...