Assault & Battery Coverage for Security Guard & Investigative Companies

True assault and battery coverage. Assault and battery defined as an “occurrence” without limitations such as reasonable or physical force necessaryto protect p...

Microwave vacuum drying chamber MGHPG-0060-LX ™

offered by AIM Wood UG
This is a highly compact, robust and powerful - the microwave vacuum drying chamber for drying wood, with excellent distribution and power density, ensures excellent qualit...

Ultra Home Healthcare

Ultra Health Express Allied Medical & Outpatient Medical Facilities Liability Insurance Our binding authority means a faster turnaround for you! Allied medical, h...

Marine & Sub Sea Equipment

Insurance coverage specially designed for marine equipment owners and operators while on board a vessel, operating over the side, subsea and on dry land.

Artisan Contractors

TAPCO Underwriters, Inc. is the Logical Choice. Through TAPCO's exclusive call-center service model, quotes, applications and coverage can be bound and delivered to your e-...

Alarm & Security Company Insurance

offered by All Risks, Ltd.
All Risks offers a national program for alarm and security companies. Risks we can write include: Commercial & residential monitoring, installation, sales & service...

Market Discussions

  • Posted Aug 24, 9:57 am
    Personal Auto in SC with youth driver
    Posted by SCinsurance | 0 replies »

    Looking for a carrier for personal auto (in SC) willing to write with a youthful driver and that youthful driver having a recent claim.

  • Posted Aug 22, 4:01 pm
    Trees and Shrubs
    Posted by btbinc | 0 replies »

    I have a homeowner who needs a stand alone policy for 1mil in landscape coverage.  Fireman's left the market and because of the age of the home, I was unable to get Chubb or AIG to insure. Wen...

  • Posted Aug 19, 1:26 pm
    Taxi, Taxicabs, Livery in New York State
    Posted by Hami1 | 0 replies »

    I have a new P & C Agency in Upstate NY, and I am seeking Carriers or MGA/Brokers that offer Taxi Insurance in New York. I have been seraching for quite some time. I ahve many contacts in the T...

  • Latest reply Yesterday 2:20 pm
    rideshare type operations
    Posted by SOUTHSHORE | 4 replies »

     am looking for a market  to be able to cover rideshare type operationsthx

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