Contractual Liability Insurance for Service Contract Providers

Personal Safeguards Group, LLC is focused on the warranty and service contract industry. Contact PSG's principal, Mike Frosch, for assistance with a Service Contract Reimbu...

Drone Insurance

Drone Insurance coverage for commercial operators. Get appointed online in 5 minutes to sell drone insurance! Visit: Download the CALCO Drone Ins...

Assault & Battery Coverage for Security Guard & Investigative Companies

True assault and battery coverage. Assault and battery defined as an “occurrence” without limitations such as reasonable or physical force necessaryto protect p...

Ultra Home Healthcare

Ultra Health Express Allied Medical & Outpatient Medical Facilities Liability Insurance Our binding authority means a faster turnaround for you! Allied medical, h...

Marine & Sub Sea Equipment

Insurance coverage specially designed for marine equipment owners and operators while on board a vessel, operating over the side, subsea and on dry land.

Artisan Contractors

TAPCO Underwriters, Inc. is the Logical Choice. Through TAPCO's exclusive call-center service model, quotes, applications and coverage can be bound and delivered to your e-...

Market Discussions

  • Posted Today 3:16 pm
    Auto Repair-used car sales with prior losses- CA
    Posted by terryduke | 0 replies »

    have an auto repair shop that also sales used cars. Shop has  in the last three years: One slip and fall claim, one  small physical damage property claim on a vehicle, one small proeprty ...

  • Posted Aug 24, 9:57 am
    Personal Auto in SC with youth driver
    Posted by SCinsurance | 0 replies »

    Looking for a carrier for personal auto (in SC) willing to write with a youthful driver and that youthful driver having a recent claim.

  • Posted Aug 22, 4:01 pm
    Trees and Shrubs
    Posted by btbinc | 0 replies »

    I have a homeowner who needs a stand alone policy for 1mil in landscape coverage.  Fireman's left the market and because of the age of the home, I was unable to get Chubb or AIG to insure. Wen...

  • Posted Aug 19, 1:26 pm
    Taxi, Taxicabs, Livery in New York State
    Posted by Hami1 | 0 replies »

    I have a new P & C Agency in Upstate NY, and I am seeking Carriers or MGA/Brokers that offer Taxi Insurance in New York. I have been seraching for quite some time. I ahve many contacts in the T...

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