market for a "party drip" facility & security guard

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    Posted on 01/24/2013
    I need a market for a start up party drip facility and also for a start up security guard firm that has a contract with a nightclub. Thanks
  • Broker
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    Posted on 01/25/2013
    I may be able to help on both of these. Give me a shout.

    Steve McDonnell, ASLI
    Partners Specialty Group, LLC
    Office - (310) 586-4735

    Steve McDonnell
  • VP Special Risks
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    Posted on 01/28/2013
    We should be able to help on the party drip facility.  E-mail me to get an application.  

    Ken Kukral
    International Excess
    800-937-3497 ext 2079
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