Workers Comp for Staffing Company - CA

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    Posted on 02/24/2012
    Can anyone recommend a Workers Comp Comany for a Staffing Company in CA?
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    Posted on 02/24/2012
    If a PEO will work for them, We can help.
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    Posted on 02/27/2012
    We access over 25 carriers, depending on the circumstances we may have a carrier for you.  Please send over teh complete submission (including: Acord 130, supplemental and loss runs) to

    Greg Santolucito
    GSS Insurance Services
    P: (760) 947-5500
    F: (909) 494-7854
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    Posted on 03/08/2012
    odiseus5 - We write larger size staffing account, 100K +, through a two different monoline carriers. I also have a PEO option for accounts <100K. If you would like discuss further please give me a shout @ 866-673-0865 or email at

    If you get the chance visit our website to review a complete list of our products,

    Hope to speak with you soon.

    Joanthan Maloney

    Jonathan Maloney - Risk Alternatives & Management (RAM)
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