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    Posted on 02/24/2012

    I'd like to create a niche for my new agency in the handyman & small contractor market.  Currently I can offer Appalachian Underwriters, MJ Kelly and Travelers Commercial.  This is a small town with a large rural area including a large Amish community.   I'd appreciate any advice on understanding this market and how to best serve my customers.  What questions has experience taught you to ask?  Are there coverages that should be offered but often aren't?  Is there another carrier who could give me better products than the ones listed?  

    Thanks for your help!


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    Posted on 02/27/2012
    Hi Laura,

    We can write handyman & contractors with several markets. We would be able to give your clients solutions who may not fall into the preferred standard markets.  I can speak with you to help and guide you for questions you can ask to get quick insurance indications.

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    Posted on 02/29/2012
    Go to Builders & Tradesmen:

    http://btisinc.com/ />
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