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    Posted on 01/17/2013
    Genarator /Turbin Componants (for Oil Refinary or Plant ) in Calif. is looking  for ProductsLLiability Markets. 30 Mil sales and no G.L insurance for the last 20 years. Anyone knows the markets?
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    Posted on 01/18/2013
    Paul, might be a tough one, as the Carriers would want to know why the Insured has not Carried GL coverage for 30 years. Didnt the Insured customers require some evidence of Insurance coverage? How could the Insured verify that they have had no GL or Products losses during that time.
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    Posted on 01/18/2013

    I have markets for manufacturing and energy that may be interested. Do you have applications?  Also, is the workers compensation available?

    Gary Hargis
    Empire Pacific Sovereign 
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    Posted on 01/18/2013
    Paul..we specialize in energy business and have a number of markets for tough energy/petrochem/refinery products manufacturers
    Check our website at and pls send submission to
    We will get back to you quickly
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    Posted on 01/19/2013
    We have a couple markets.  E-mail me a products liability application, no known loss letter and details on the products they manufacture.  send to

    Ken Kukral
    Int'l Excess
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    Posted on 10/02/2013
    I am a small wholesale broker specializing in all things energy and mining, with 40 years experience in the field.  I enjoy challenges, and since we have a small list of devoted clients, I have the time to devote to hard cases like this one.  Check out my facebook page Power Brokers Insurance, Inc.  Timeline posts there will give you a feel of the diversity of energy related accounts that we quote.  Email a scan of the submission information on file, and a list of known markets that have already been approached. 
    Larry Vickery, Owner/CEO
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